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About us

Municipal enterprise Vilnius Waste System Administrator (VASA SĮ) has been established by Resolution No 1-191 of 23 September 2015 of the Vilnius City Council. The company was incorporated pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Waste Management of the Republic of Lithuania and seeking to ensure efficient administration of the waste management system.

Main aims of the enterprise:

  • Efficient administration of the waste management system;
  • Control and maintenance of municipal waste management service;
  • Provision of information to municipal waste holders and the Vilnius City Municipality institutions.

Achievement of the said objectives and performance of the delegated functions will contribute to implementation of the targets provided in the National Waste Management Plan for 2014-2020 and the Vilnius City Municipality Waste Management Plan for 2014-2020.

Mission – efficient administration of municipal waste management system in the Vilnius City Municipality, which is consistent with the public interest and objectives set forth by the Vilnius City Municipality.

Vision – model administration of the municipal waste system.

The Rules of Waste Management in the Vilnius City Municipality have been approved by Resolution No 1-445 of 11 May 2016 of the Vilnius City Council, which will come into force on 1 July 2017 (as of the effective date thereof, the rules currently in force, which were approved by Resolution No 1-1185 of 24 May 2006 of the Vilnius City Council, will expire).

Under the new Rules of Waste Management (recast Resolution No 1-445 of 11 May 2016) and the approved Articles of Association, the enterprise will perform the following functions:

  • Administration and regular update of the register of municipal waste holders;
  • Creation and control of the accounting system for payers of charges and other fees;
  • Analysis of data and monitoring of performance of obligations of the payers of charges or fees for collection of municipal waste from the waste holders and waste management;
  • Control of waste collection and transportation, and monitoring of the transportation routes;
  • Selection of container areas and their optimisation for new waste holders, administration of container replacement and registration of new containers;
  • Determining the reasonable number of containers, their volume and emptying frequency;
  • Solving issues regarding the sites handling operations and waste collection;
  • Waste flow accounting;
  • Consultations to the charge payers on the issues of payment of the charge for collection of municipal waste from the waste holders and waste management;
  • Promotion of public awareness in the area of municipal waste management related to implementation of the local charge;
  • Examination of requests and complains of the interested persons regarding quality of the services;
  • Analysis of information on the management of municipal waste on the territory of the municipality;
  • Performance of other functions set forth in the Articles of Associations and legal acts adopted by the Municipality.  
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